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We’re a game development company. We founded Rebelia to tell people stories that no one else would tell.

Our Mission

We’re used to exploring nooks and crannies that most people are not interested in. We believe that sticking to the beaten path means one will never be able to go someplace else. Catching interesting things in completely uninteresting spots brings uncommon ideas. That’s exactly how we define our niche and the pivot of our creation.


We openly say it would be great to entertain people who are bored by mainstream topics. Those who have already killed the dragon with a sword, built a city, farmed and won all star wars. Here at Rebelia Games, we create games for that kind of people.

Our Partners

PlayWay S.A. is a Polish company that has been developing, releasing and distributing video games globally since 2011. PlayWay is currently co-operating with more than 70 studios and so far they have sold over 16 million units worldwide. In 2016, they had an IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and they are Poland’s second most valuable videogames company.

Company Information

Rebelia Games is based in Katowice, Poland. The studio was founded in 2017 by Adrian Kubasiak and PlayWay S.A., the investor and publisher of Rebelia Games.


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