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    New Year’s Memo

    We’re happy to bring you some information about what is going behind the scene.

    Our team is polishing a big patch for the Junkyard Simulator that will terminate crushes and other problems with the new generation of Intel processors.
    The patch also brings significant improvements to the game performance. You can expect less weight of the game, much smoother gameplay, and even better graphic. The patch will be available after January 15th.

    Because this is the last memo in 2021 from us, it’s a perfect moment to wish you a fabulous New Year’s Eve party and Happy New Year 2022! May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, prosperity, and games worth remembering :).

    – Rebelia Games

    Adrian Kubasiak on December 30, 2021

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    Junkyard Simulator Hotfix Part 4

    The 4th part of the hotfix is now available

    ‧ Fixed issue with Junky Quest 13 (subquest 7 of 8). Now all the stages are accurately counted.
    ‧ Fixed issue with the AZERTY keyboard. This time we repaired the camera control key [7] the Crusher.
    ‧ Fixed issue with camera control key [é] for Czech players
    ‧ Crouching – according to your suggestion, we improved the blocking of pressing the button repeatedly.
    ‧ Fixed issue with transported car disappearing from Mini Crusher area.
    ‧ Fixed issue with Junky Quest 23.

    Additionally, we’re working on game optimization. You can expect effects in the next 10-15 days. We’re updating the game regularly. If you’re not pleased with Junkyard Simulator today, give us a bit more time to see the progress.

    Adrian Kubasiak on October 27, 2021

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    Junkyard Simulator Hotfix Part 3

    We just published 3rd part of the hotfix to the Junkyard Simulator.

    We added a new tag system by expanding the functionality of the compass. From now compass is as much significant as the minimap. Maybe we can replace the minimap with the compass? Let us know what do you think about the change.
    Tag system will help you in locating quest objects and additional tasks. They are nicely animated, so it should be more noticeable for everybody.

    You can move your character while crouching. We were afraid of this connection and possible player blocks. If you experience this, reset your character in the Pause Menu.

    Autosave – we’ve increased the number of autosave slots. We want to help you when you get stuck in the progress of the game.
    Remember, autosave works when you’re outside of a vehicle only. If you drive or work for a long time in a machine – please get out of it for a few seconds, the game will make autosave, and you will not lose your progress.

    We’re still fixing the issue with leaving a game screen by a mouse cursor. We just added some additional improvements. Let us know if it’s solving the problem.

    Fixed another issue with the AZERTY keyboard ([& é ” ‘ ( – è _ ç à]). This time we repaired camera control keys: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7] for small and big Crushers.

    We continue to do frequent updates to the Junkyard Simulator. More will come just in a few days. We’re waiting for your feedback!

    Adrian Kubasiak on October 22, 2021

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    Junkyard Simulator Hotfix Part 2

    We’re happy to give you the 2nd part of the hotfix to the Junkyard Simulator. As we promised, you can expect from us frequent fixes and patches in the next days.

    A list of fixes from Part 2:
    ‧ From now, you can check on map positions of vehicles and scraps that can be processed with the Crusher
    ‧ Fixed issue with inverted Z and S keys on AZERTY keyboard
    ‧ Fixed issue with collecting Mercury car
    ‧ We improved optimization and textures loading
    ‧ Temporary fix for backpack issue

    A request to the players:
    Please, help us in tracking down buggy items. From now all of the buggy items will drop out from the backup after you open it by pressing [B]. You can post the names of those items on /discussions/ section on the Steam or Junkyard Discord Channel.

    Adrian Kubasiak on October 20, 2021

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    Junkyard Simulator Hotfix Part 1

    A list of fixes on the reported issues:

    ‧ Fixed issue with AZERTY. All the players that had to change their settings in the Control Panel can go back to default settings.
    ‧ Fixed issue with a blocker at Quest 7 (fast travel) – 5/10
    ‧ Fixed issue with a mouse cursor that was leaving a game screen
    ‧ Location patch for missing translations (Korean)
    ‧ Location patch for Achievements (English)
    ‧ Russian players got a new, more readable font
    ‧ Fixed stuck-spot in the house next to the yellow car
    ‧ Fixed stuck-spot at the Scrap Market, between rusty barrels and the wall
    ‧ Fixed issue with collecting cash in the Motel
    ‧ Fixed an issue allowing players to jump behind the kitchenette (room in the Motel)
    ‧ Fixed an issue where a player could block a possibility of moving by using a specific WASD keys

    We’re sorry for the problems above. We do our best to fix all kinds of bugs, and we’ll do it systematically.
    You can expect from us frequent fixes and patches until the game gets positive ratings.

    Adrian Kubasiak on October 15, 2021

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    Junkyard Simulator has been released!

    We’re excited to give you our 1st production – Junkyard Simulator. Our vision led us over quite a rough road, but here we are – seconds before releasing our first game. It’s a freaky-nice feeling, and we’ll remember it for a long time.

    Junkyard Simulator will take you to the world of all kinds of junk, heavy machines, vehicles, workshops, and challenges. Striping engines, processing vehicles with the crusher, and pressing wrecks into small cubes are your bread and butter.

    Complete quests, earn money for upgrades and new vehicles, machines, or giant Conveyor Belts. In the meantime, Restore and Collect beautiful cars, renovate items in your Workshop and sell them on Scrap Market.

    See you on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and of course – on STEAM!

    Adrian Kubasiak on October 13, 2021

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