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    Junkyard Simulator EA Release Date

    We’re counting down days to Early Access of the Junkyard Simulator. We set a release on October 13, 2021, @ 6:00 AM PT.

    Additionally, we have prepared a little challenge for our players. Before the release date becomes a fact, you have a chance to lower the price of the game. By spreading the word about Junkyard Simulator, you can unlock one of the launch discounts. Follow the link and check the details on our Steam!

    We’ll stream the live demo on that day. Stay tuned for more details.

    Adrian Kubasiak on September 29, 2021

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    Find car wrecks, restore them and collect!

    We added a brand-new mechanic you’ve been asking for after crushing beautiful muscle cars with Mini Crusher in the Prologue-2 :). On your request, Early Access of the Junkyard Simulator is giving you the possibility of restoring five cars and a hangar for collecting your beauties.

    You’ll need to find your first car. Before you proceed to restore it, you can search it along and across to find some extra stuff. For rebuilding another four cars, you need to find blueprints firstly and search for all necessary parts.

    Restoring wrecks is one of many features included in the Junkyard Simulator. We’re going to add more content in the Early Access of the game, hope you’ll enjoy exploring it :).

    31th of July – We’ll show you the gameplay on Rebelia Games and PlayWay Facebook fan pages.

    Stay tuned,
    Rebelia Games

    Adrian Kubasiak on July 28, 2021

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    Graphic improvements of the Junkyard Simulator

    We’ve been working on your suggestions and reported bugs from the Prologue II (if you hadn’t played yet, follow the link: Junkyard Simulator: First Car (Prologue 2)). Now the graphic is improved, you can take a look at the first screenshots.

    We added a new skybox

    Now the sharpness of gameplay is crisp

    Dust and wind are affecting the movement of plants and trees

    Referring to your comments – many things were improved or fixed during the last months. Additionally, our team developed a new game mechanic, and we’ll deep dive into details in the next few days.

    Maybe someone will guess before we reveal all cards?

    Stay tuned!

    Adrian Kubasiak on July 17, 2021

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    Junkyard Simulator: First Car (Prologue 2) – Patch 1.02

    We’re a few days after the Prologue-2 launch. So far, we got very nice feedback from players around the world. Thank you so much for supporting us! We’re reading all of your reviews, and we’re watching all of your streams on YouTube and Twitch.

    A list of fixes on the reported issues:
    1. Players with QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards now they can use NumberLock keys.
    2. Fixed mouse invert memory after taking out the vehicle, crusher.
    3. Added crouch on [ALT] and [CTRL] keys. Now doing renovation will be easier
    4. Fixed disappearing cursor in the cart inventory
    5. Fixed radio, now you can control it with the mouse when it is open
    6. The sound of the finished quest will not get into the loop anymore
    7. Sometimes, you were jumping inside of the tow truck instead of marking the wrecked car for loading. It’s fixed.

    We made about 30 fixes/changes in this patch.

    Adrian Kubasiak on April 7, 2021

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    Junkyard Simulator: First Car (Prologue 2)

    We invite all the players to jump in the 2nd Prologue of Junkyard Simulator, which is available from now on Steam!

    Junkyard Simulator: First Car (Prologue 2) contains a few of many game mechanics like striping engines from cars, operating a magnetic crane, crushing cars with a small crusher, and renovating items by using a cleaning brush, a sandblaster, and a spray paint gun.

    Also, the prologue gives you a chance to drive a tow truck. You need to track down some abandoned vehicles in an open world and transport them to the Mini Crusher. In the meantime can visit the Scrap Market and test yourself on Junky Challenges.

    Enjoy the Prologue-2. We’re waiting for your feedback!

    Adrian Kubasiak on March 31, 2021

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    New address for Rebelia Games followers

    We have collected people around Rebelia Games in many places. You follow us on social media, Discord, and of course on Steam Community. From now we’re inviting all of you to visit our main address –

    Our website is a great place for players, developers, investors, media, and everyone who would like to find well-arranged information about Rebelia Games at the source.

    You can read here about currently developing games, our new productions, or take a look at some exclusive sneak-peaks of current projects. For others, we have job offers, company information, and news from the inside of Rebelia Games.

    See you on!

    Adrian Kubasiak on March 31, 2021

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