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What’s up at the Junkyard?

We got many questions from you about the coming changes in the Junkyard Simulator. Let’s check what’s going on in the Rebelia Games!

There will be added expanded mechanics of renovation, extension, maintenance, and managing of your own piece of junkyard world. You can buy a parcel, which, transformed from ruins into a junk empire, will give you an opportunity to earn even more money.

The second thing is we’re upgrading Junkyard Simulator to the Unreal Engine 5. It’s a massive challenge for our team, but we believe it will give you an opportunity to invest your money wisely.

We’ll post more sneak peeks of what’s in the production until we release the next version of the Junkyard Simulator. Thank you guys for your support and see you soon!

Adrian Kubasiak on May 18, 2022

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