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Find car wrecks, restore them and collect!

We added a brand-new mechanic you’ve been asking for after crushing beautiful muscle cars with Mini Crusher in the Prologue-2 :). On your request, Early Access of the Junkyard Simulator is giving you the possibility of restoring five cars and a hangar for collecting your beauties.

You’ll need to find your first car. Before you proceed to restore it, you can search it along and across to find some extra stuff. For rebuilding another four cars, you need to find blueprints firstly and search for all necessary parts.

Restoring wrecks is one of many features included in the Junkyard Simulator. We’re going to add more content in the Early Access of the game, hope you’ll enjoy exploring it :).

31th of July – We’ll show you the gameplay on Rebelia Games and PlayWay Facebook fan pages.

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Rebelia Games

Adrian Kubasiak on July 28, 2021

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