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Hotfix 2.1.5

1. Size of the game is reduced by 600MB

2. Autosave is working every 6 minutes. The game will not autosave until you get out of the vehicle. An indicator will notify you when the game is making autosave.

3. Slot upgrades for Pickup and Truck are fixed

4. Achievements are updated. From now the game counts achievements correctly at the launch.

5. Weather – you can disable weather randomization and enjoy the Sun all the time. :

6. Tow Truck is locked until you finish Quest 2.

7. You can remove cars from Unloading Station and the Mini Crusher Area with Unloading Control Panel.

8. Fixed issue with unloading the Tow Truck. When you unload a car from the Tow Truck with the “Remove car” button, the car will get restored in the right place into the game.

9. Fixed an issue when the player is using a game tablet and tries to drink a beer.

10. From now you can select the right tool with the Tool Menu [Alt] when you’re maintaining a renovation.

11. Fixed an issue when the player is using a Tablet and tried to reach the Tool Menu with the [Alt] key.

12. Fixed an issue of the front and rear bumper passing through elements during the blue challenger renovation.

13. Fixed an issue when a player tried to use a Backpack when she/he was using Vehicle Reset Menu.

14. Fixed an issue when a player tried to use a Vehicle Reset Menu when she/he was using a Backpack.

15. We reduced the number of particles inside the Crusher to improve performance on low-end computers.

16. We improved fonts visibility of the Tablet interface

17. Fixed an issue with a quest marker in Quest 3 – Wreck Transportation – 6/13 – mark the wrecks and approach them with the Tow Truck

18. LOD fix for convoyer belt panel

19. Fixed a bug with the tow truck disappearing

20. We added a mechanism that prevents the Two Truck from being unloaded too early at Quest 3 – Wreck Transportation – 9/13 – Deliver wrecks to unloading station

21. The trunk lock and trunk lid are now one dismountable item.

22. Crosshair fix, now it returns on the screen when you get out of the vehicle.

Adrian Kubasiak on January 25, 2023

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