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    Hotfix 2.1.5

    1. Size of the game is reduced by 600MB

    2. Autosave is working every 6 minutes. The game will not autosave until you get out of the vehicle. An indicator will notify you when the game is making autosave.

    3. Slot upgrades for Pickup and Truck are fixed

    4. Achievements are updated. From now the game counts achievements correctly at the launch.

    5. Weather – you can disable weather randomization and enjoy the Sun all the time. :

    6. Tow Truck is locked until you finish Quest 2.

    7. You can remove cars from Unloading Station and the Mini Crusher Area with Unloading Control Panel.

    8. Fixed issue with unloading the Tow Truck. When you unload a car from the Tow Truck with the “Remove car” button, the car will get restored in the right place into the game.

    9. Fixed an issue when the player is using a game tablet and tries to drink a beer.

    10. From now you can select the right tool with the Tool Menu [Alt] when you’re maintaining a renovation.

    11. Fixed an issue when the player is using a Tablet and tried to reach the Tool Menu with the [Alt] key.

    12. Fixed an issue of the front and rear bumper passing through elements during the blue challenger renovation.

    13. Fixed an issue when a player tried to use a Backpack when she/he was using Vehicle Reset Menu.

    14. Fixed an issue when a player tried to use a Vehicle Reset Menu when she/he was using a Backpack.

    15. We reduced the number of particles inside the Crusher to improve performance on low-end computers.

    16. We improved fonts visibility of the Tablet interface

    17. Fixed an issue with a quest marker in Quest 3 – Wreck Transportation – 6/13 – mark the wrecks and approach them with the Tow Truck

    18. LOD fix for convoyer belt panel

    19. Fixed a bug with the tow truck disappearing

    20. We added a mechanism that prevents the Two Truck from being unloaded too early at Quest 3 – Wreck Transportation – 9/13 – Deliver wrecks to unloading station

    21. The trunk lock and trunk lid are now one dismountable item.

    22. Crosshair fix, now it returns on the screen when you get out of the vehicle.

    Adrian Kubasiak on January 25, 2023

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    The new car is available!

    Pickup 1950 is available with the latest update! We also brought back the option of putting all physical objects *manually* on the truck crate.
    You can buy the Pickup 1950 from some NPC’s. For more information check the “What’s new?” section in the game menu.

    The update also includes:
    – Increase of crosshair (players request)
    – A fixed collision of selected overlapping objects
    – Bigger shaders differentiation of cars on the junkyard
    – Fixed issue with the tow truck’s flasher beacon
    – Fixed lack of rolling wheels sound from vehicles
    – Fixed the center of gravity in vehicles. They won’t roll over so much on road corners
    – Fixed an issue with turning off the cart sound after passing a speed bump on the road
    – Language settings are kept after resetting the game
    – Keyboard settings are kept after resetting the game
    – Visual improvements (sky render, game area) and further optimization resulted in a decrease of the game size by 400MB
    – Increased landscape visibility horizon from the cars cockpit view (first person)
    – Fixed problem with losing enabled icons on the map after saving the game
    – Optimized the number of icons on the map for Junkman’s Orders
    – Added a screen dimming during car resetting
    – Added a new task that allows the purchase of Pickup 1950
    – Fixed an issue causing crashes during moves of the large map when all icons are enabled
    – Fixed an issue with Junkman’s Orders icons on the map
    – Redesign of vehicle reset menu – we replaced the wheel menu with a square menu

    Adrian Kubasiak on January 11, 2023

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    Hotfix 2.1.3 is out

    Further game optimization increased the FPS from 4 up to 12, depending on the location in the game. We are constantly working on it. The game increased fluidity, and we got rid of many stutterings – which we will keep fixing until release.

    We changed and optimized the shader system on objects. Now they are loading much faster and display textures in higher quality.

    We decreased the game’s size from 21GB to 14GB, which will affect the download speed of updates – something longed for by players who have lower bandwidth.

    We fixed the issue with mouse sensitivity settings not being saved. Many minor UI fixes, connecting more game elements to the controller, etc.

    We are about 60% done with moving mechanics from the old engine to a new one. Work is going well, and you should expect another big update at the end of January. We need more time for tests because testers have not checked the mechanics yet. As you all know, December is a time to catch a breath before kicking off with new energy next year.

    We will share the early build on the testing branch when we get a green light.

    Adrian Kubasiak on November 29, 2022

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    Hotfix 2.1.2 – Blurry textures

    We have good news – we’ve managed to fix the loading textures issue for graphics cards with less than 4GB memory, eg. 1060 3GB, 970 4GB – of course, it’s weekend and we could check it only on a very small scale.

    We will make a bigger test next week, but you can download the new version and check it now. Work on this fix is ongoing, so this update is still in the test phase. However, we have very good feedback from our internal tests.

    Thank you very much for your patience and feedback! We wouldn’t know about the problem without your help. Please let us know in the comments your thoughts on the update.

    To download the right version make sure you are on a default branch.

    Adrian Kubasiak on November 19, 2022

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    Hotfix 2.1.1

    Hotfix for v.2.1.1 is now available and ready to download for everyone!

    A list of fixes:
    ‧ Fixed issues with invisible barriers in several places.
    ‧ Fixed issue with taking out items from the backpack and vehicles while staying on the street.
    ‧ Fixed issue with disappearing cars in the Stationary Press.
    ‧ Fixed issue with resetting customized keys to the Default.
    ‧ A few changes for a keybinding for vehicles after choosing the [Default] configuration.
    ‧ Fixed an issue with the lack of possibility to keybinding Vehicles in control settings.
    ‧ Fixed an issue with not getting the upgraded pickup despite the purchase.
    ‧ Fixed an issue with small objects passing through the cart in the Pawnshop.
    ‧ Visibility improvement for purchased upgrades in the Character Upgrades window.

    Also, you can see the progress in textures loading for some of the PC configurations. That fix will continue to roll out.

    Thank you for your support! Your feedback on the forum, emails and direct messages are super-valuable to us. We can improve the game faster with your help!

    Don’t forget to let us know what you think about latest patch and hotfixes.

    Adrian Kubasiak on November 16, 2022

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    Junkyard Simulator Patch 2.1

    Junkyard Simulator conversion to the Unreal Engine 5 is complete and available now to download.
    The new engine affects the speed of launching the game, object loading time, quality of rendering the textures, object physics, etc. v2.1 reduced nearly all random crashes and bugs.

    Also, based on your feedback, the gameplay has undergone fundamental changes during the past months. We improved things like the driving experience, map, and game navigation. We rebuilt mechanics from the game to take advantage of Unreal Engine 5. You will also notice a new weather system and a new particle system.

    We finished converting the game to Unreal Engine 5. You can expect new content in the game within the coming updates.

    Adrian Kubasiak on November 7, 2022

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