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Junkyard Lot!

The update introduces an entirely new mechanism for buying, managing, and expanding Junkyard Lot! Now you have the option to purchase a parcel with accumulated funds or take a loan to kickstart your junkyard faster! Conduct upgrades on the junkyard lot, fix any technical breakdowns, and ensure it remains profitable.

Don’t forget to compensate your workers, as only satisfied staff will execute their duties flawlessly! You can hire additional employees to assist you in the day-to-day tasks on the junkyard lot.

Our team has enhanced the vehicle driving model and reduced the risk of vehicle rollovers on curves and uneven terrain.

Additionally, we’ve implemented new controller handling mechanics. You can now test all game features using a controller. Let us know your impressions of using the controller!

We have optimized the game, reducing its size by another 700 MB. Work on optimizing the game will continue.

Thank you for reporting the discovered errors. Many of them have already been fixed based on the error reports provided by you. We appreciate your assistance, feedback, emails, and private messages. You are the best scrap enthusiasts!

Enjoy the game like never before! We’re back to work to prepare another exciting update for you. Stay tuned!

Adrian Kubasiak on October 13, 2023

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