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Hotfix 2.1.3 is out

Further game optimization increased the FPS from 4 up to 12, depending on the location in the game. We are constantly working on it. The game increased fluidity, and we got rid of many stutterings – which we will keep fixing until release.

We changed and optimized the shader system on objects. Now they are loading much faster and display textures in higher quality.

We decreased the game’s size from 21GB to 14GB, which will affect the download speed of updates – something longed for by players who have lower bandwidth.

We fixed the issue with mouse sensitivity settings not being saved. Many minor UI fixes, connecting more game elements to the controller, etc.

We are about 60% done with moving mechanics from the old engine to a new one. Work is going well, and you should expect another big update at the end of January. We need more time for tests because testers have not checked the mechanics yet. As you all know, December is a time to catch a breath before kicking off with new energy next year.

We will share the early build on the testing branch when we get a green light.

Adrian Kubasiak on November 29, 2022

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