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Junkyard Simulator: First Car (Prologue 2)

We invite all the players to jump in the 2nd Prologue of Junkyard Simulator, which is available from now on Steam!

Junkyard Simulator: First Car (Prologue 2) contains a few of many game mechanics like striping engines from cars, operating a magnetic crane, crushing cars with a small crusher, and renovating items by using a cleaning brush, a sandblaster, and a spray paint gun.

Also, the prologue gives you a chance to drive a tow truck. You need to track down some abandoned vehicles in an open world and transport them to the Mini Crusher. In the meantime can visit the Scrap Market and test yourself on Junky Challenges.

Enjoy the Prologue-2. We’re waiting for your feedback!

Adrian Kubasiak on March 31, 2021

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