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Junkyard Simulator Hotfix Part 2

We’re happy to give you the 2nd part of the hotfix to the Junkyard Simulator. As we promised, you can expect from us frequent fixes and patches in the next days.

A list of fixes from Part 2:
‧ From now, you can check on map positions of vehicles and scraps that can be processed with the Crusher
‧ Fixed issue with inverted Z and S keys on AZERTY keyboard
‧ Fixed issue with collecting Mercury car
‧ We improved optimization and textures loading
‧ Temporary fix for backpack issue

A request to the players:
Please, help us in tracking down buggy items. From now all of the buggy items will drop out from the backup after you open it by pressing [B]. You can post the names of those items on /discussions/ section on the Steam or Junkyard Discord Channel.

Adrian Kubasiak on October 20, 2021

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