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Junkyard v.2.1 (RC) x UE 5

Hear, hear, People of the Junkyard!
We’re just at the finish line with Official Patch v2.1, so we decided to give you today a Release Candidate of what’s is coming! Check now BRANCH public_test!

The fundamental changes are associated with upgrading the game engine to Unreal Engine 5. The new engine affects the speed of launching the game, object loading time, quality of rendering the textures, object physics, etc. v2.1 reduced nearly all random crashes and bugs.

Also, based on your feedback, the gameplay has undergone fundamental changes during the past months. We improved such things as the minimap, navigation, markers, driving experience, and more.

Now we need your help. Let us know how the new version of Junkyard performs on your computer.

After we finished full convertion to UE5, you can expect new content in the game within the coming updates.

Adrian Kubasiak on November 3, 2022

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