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The new car is available!

Pickup 1950 is available with the latest update! We also brought back the option of putting all physical objects *manually* on the truck crate.
You can buy the Pickup 1950 from some NPC’s. For more information check the “What’s new?” section in the game menu.

The update also includes:
– Increase of crosshair (players request)
– A fixed collision of selected overlapping objects
– Bigger shaders differentiation of cars on the junkyard
– Fixed issue with the tow truck’s flasher beacon
– Fixed lack of rolling wheels sound from vehicles
– Fixed the center of gravity in vehicles. They won’t roll over so much on road corners
– Fixed an issue with turning off the cart sound after passing a speed bump on the road
– Language settings are kept after resetting the game
– Keyboard settings are kept after resetting the game
– Visual improvements (sky render, game area) and further optimization resulted in a decrease of the game size by 400MB
– Increased landscape visibility horizon from the cars cockpit view (first person)
– Fixed problem with losing enabled icons on the map after saving the game
– Optimized the number of icons on the map for Junkman’s Orders
– Added a screen dimming during car resetting
– Added a new task that allows the purchase of Pickup 1950
– Fixed an issue causing crashes during moves of the large map when all icons are enabled
– Fixed an issue with Junkman’s Orders icons on the map
– Redesign of vehicle reset menu – we replaced the wheel menu with a square menu

Adrian Kubasiak on January 11, 2023

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